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Library Magician | Daniel Lusk

Who is Daniel Lusk?


Magic's Own Funnyman...

Daniel Lusk is a full time professional entertainer based in Indianapolis Indiana. Daniel uses a mixture of magic, comedy, and puppets to entertain and educate thousands each year.


Daniel's popularity grew over the years where he was able to open an entertainment company called the Lusk Entertainment Group, Inc.  Daniel's company offers around twenty five other entertainers in a variety of fields.


Daniel continues to perform hundreds of shows each year for not only libraries but for private parties, companies, churches, professional sport organizations, and more.


Daniel's professionalism allows you to have a worry free booking.  He operates under his companies slogan "Always Clean - Always Entertaining - Always the Best!"

Fun Facts

First Magic Book

Magic Secrets by Rose Wyler and Gerald Ames 1967

It actually belonged to his sister and has her name in the front cover

Favorite Place in the Library


Dewey still has a decimal in his heart

Picture Time

Daniel always takes pictures of original Carnegie Libraries

His first Carnegie was in his hometown of Flora Illinois.  The original building is no longer there.

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